Dentist in Rochester, MI

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Our Dentist

Steven Utecht, DDS

I have been practicing in the Rochester community since 1988. I have been married to my wife Patti for 24 years and have a daughter Alina who attends Stoney Creek High School and is currently a member of the Varsity dance team. I have always had a warm and friendly approach towards my practice and the practice of dentistry. I believe there are many ways to achieve the results in which best fit your needs. I also believe in aiding the community in which I live.  I try to be as proactive as possible and help support the teams and causes of my patients. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our ever growing family.

Our Staff

Front: Lori, Diana and Susan
Back: Sally, Shelly, Amber, Sue and Steven Utecht, DDS

Our Hygienists

Front: Diana and Susan
Back: Shelly and Amber

These 4  ladies are my hygenists and the heart and soul of the practice. Their warm and caring personalities will make your dental cleaning a very positive experience. They are all wonderful with the numerous young children that we see each and everyday. For our adult patients, their concerns for your dental health are first and foremost in your treatment care. Their warm and friendly personalities will have you leaving with a smile on your face. Not only because of your clean teeth but because they make you feel like a friend rather than just not another patient.

Our Assistants

Lori and Cindy

These 2 ladies are my assistants and make my day much easier. They both have been in the dental field for numerous years and are both very up to date with all the current techniques that we use in this office. When I am not in the room, they will be there to make you feel welcome. From making sure you have a clean room to enter, to helping me with a procedure, or just to make sure that you are comfortable, they are second to none. They are truly an extension to my right arm in making your dental visit comfortable and as short as possible.

Our Administrative Staff

Sally and Sue

These 2 ladies are my front desk heros who fight the good fight everyday.  Your first encounter with them will be with their warm and friendly voice over the phone. It's what they do behind the scene that is what make this practice continue to thrive. They will find out your insurance benefits, submit your claims, and discuss with the insurance company any issues that may arise from a claim being denied. They are both very knowledgeable in all areas of our dental procedures and are able to answer and handle many of your dental concerns.